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I’m so excited to share the cover reveal for Blood Bound, book one of the Reign of Blood Trilogy! Scroll down to read the blurb – and don’t forget to preorder your copy!

Book cover by Bewitching Book Covers by Rebecca Frank


We now have an official release date of January 12, 2020. The preorder is available now on Amazon:

Kidnapped by vampires and held captive for their blood, escaping could cost them their lives… or worse.


Azalea Nydira knows there’s no escape from the underground vampire city of Terra Nocturne. Her only hope for a better life is to climb the social ladder by joining the Blood Den, a brothel where elves sell their blood as well as their bodies. When one of her encounters turns deadly, she’s thrust into the arms of Lord Nero Cineris, ruler of Terra Nocturne.


Nero can offer her a life of luxury with everything she’s ever wanted, but is the cost of belonging to the most dangerous vampire in the city too high?


Miria Delien has always been determined to return to the surface, but she won’t leave without the people she cares about. When Miria finds herself in trouble with the city guard, she needs to get out of the city before her sentence kills her. But every choice she makes puts her friends in more danger, and she’s running out of time.

If Miria does find a way out of Terra Nocturne, will Azalea even want to come with her?


True Blood and Harlots meet Game of Thrones in this adult dark fantasy series by Becca Blake. Fans of Anne Bishop will love this dark tale of friendship in a dangerous society ruled by monsters.

Preorder Blood Bound Today!


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